Dual Stool

can be used as a low table or a stool for primary school students.

The project tasked us to reimagine primary school chairs and to design a product that fits into the operating culture of future learning environments. 

Research shows that a flexible learning environment can help reducing students’ stress and focusing on their task. Therefore the future of classrooms is expected to be more flexible, instead of a fixed classroom plan.

Dual stool can be used in a free space area that students are allowed to work on the floor. Thanks to the linoleum lamination on the sitting surface, it can be use both as a stool or a low table as the material is pleasant to write on. Dual Stool is stackable and easy to bring around by using the handle underneath.



2019, ECAL Brief Project
Client: Flokk, RBM
Brief: Future of school seating

Material: Maple wood, Linoleum

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