H3 Handle

is a hands-free door handle that can be operated by elbow or forearm.

Due to the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the interaction between objects and users inevitably changed. Unconscious behaviors like opening the door without grabbing the handle are common as people are more aware of keeping their hands virus-free.

This project focuses on the balance between function and aesthetics. Unlike the adaptive devices that configure on existing door handles for hands-free opening, the H3 handle is unobtrusive. The shape minimizes unnecessary distraction and harmonizes the atmosphere in spaces such as hotels, offices, clinics, or even our homes.

With the tilted handle angle and larger surface area, the H3 handle is comfortable to use while pulling the door with the user’s elbow or forearm.


2020, ECAL Open Project
Material: Sand Casted Aluminium
Foundry: Fonderie ARBER Pully

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